Lane Changing at our Driving School
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lane change

At BrizWest Driving School we find that many learners will lift their foot on the accelerator when commencing a lane change. It is really important to maintain your speed and distance from other cars when lane changing and merging in traffic. If you slow down you will likely reduce the separation between your car and traffic in the other lane and thus cause the car in that lane to have to slow down as well to maintain separation. The earlier this issue is fixed the easier it is to prevent it becoming an on-going habit. You should learn to maintain speed with the traffic flow in the other lane as you merge across and be considerate to other road users. At BrizWest driving school we have a few drills to help you become more confident with lane changing and merges. If you follow a few basic rules you can learn to blend into the traffic safely and without difficulty.

Our Jamboree Heights and Westlake Driving School Instructor can help learners develop really good merging skills in a short period of time. Using a combination of practice drills and some roadside instruction the learner quickly gets the hang of merging and thus they are one step closer in their preparation for safe solo driving.