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One of the skills needed for a Driving Test is planning ahead

Combination turns often feature in a driving test. Our Indooroopilly Learners frequently don't understand how to make these turns correctly. When turning into a multi lane road, you may have choices as to which lane you turn directly into. This choice can be important if you have a turn to make immediately off that multi lane road, because you need to be in the lane appropriate to exit. The video shows a sample combination turn generated by our driving school at Indooroopilly. There are many streets near Indooroopilly shops that you can practice these combination turns.
You can have a right turn followed immediately by a left turn OR a left turn followed immediately by a right turn. Be prepared for any options in a driving test. Our Indooroopilly driving instructor can assist with this preparation.

Our Driving School Indooroopilly | Combination Turns

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In a different situation in a different street both lanes may turn right and this would entirely change what the Learner Driver would need to do to get to their destination. There are some sections of road around Indooroopilly that have 3 lanes of traffic and you may need to find the one that works for your journey. Seeing the traffic, hazards and road ahead and planning your journey on the road ahead is a very important part of your driving. In particular, you need to know which way the arrows on the road point and get to the appropriate lane for your journey. Sometimes, the traffic in Indooroopilly is very busy and you dont get to see the road markings early and so the big green sign boards can often help you get to the correct lane before you get to the turn.

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Experience with lots of different combination turns will make it easier to deal with other streets and the ones you get to experience in your Practical Driving Test. In your Practical Driving Test the Driving Examiner may alert you to a combination turn with instruction like - "Turn Right at the traffic Lights and then Left at the following traffic lights". This is effectively warning you to be in the left lane that will turn right. Our Indooroopilly Driving Instructor can make this a focus activity in one of your driving lessons. Each activity you undertake like this one will lead to you being a more confident and safer driver as you progress toward your P-plate driving.