Driving School in Bellbowrie teaching caution on Dual Lanes

Our Driving School in Bellbowrie is very progressive and passionate about providing the best training possible to each of our Learner Drivers. You can avoid accidents by making good safe choices when it comes to Giving Way at multilane roundabouts and at T-Intersections on major roads.

gw dual 1

Drivers need to give-way to all lanes when turning left to join a multi-lane road even if your intention is to join in the left lane. As in the scenario below, if a driver in the right lane decides to make a sudden last minute lane change and the car moves out to turn left, then a potentially serious collision could evolve.

Who would be in the wrong ?

Your Driving Instructor should be able to assist you in evaluating situations like this one and applying good decisions as to when to turn the corner.

Qld Road Rules -Section 73 Giving way at a T-intersection
If the driver is turning left - except if the driver is using a slip lane - or right from the terminating road into the continuing road, the driver must give way to any vehicle travelling on the continuing road

gw round
Likewise, when you are turning left at a roundabout or going straight ahead, you must give way to all traffic on the roundabout. In this roundabout scenario, the car in the right lane of the roundabout may be going to exit left. The car has no indicator so you can not be at all sure of the intention.

Qld Road Rules -Section 114 Giving way when entering or driving in a roundabout
(1) A driver entering a roundabout must give way to (a) any vehicle in the roundabout;

Our Driving School in Bellbowrie will help you with good decision making

Making the best decision and giving way to traffic is really important to avoiding accidents and with some practice you can begin to make good decisions about giving way to the right.