Avoiding Accidents | Bellbowrie | Chapel Hill |

Did you know that about 28% of car accidents are nose to tail ?

two second You may FAIL your driving test with a Critical Driving Error (CDE) if you:
Follow other traffic from Bellbowrie with one second or less following distance (or in adverse conditions less than two seconds).

You may be awarded a Non Critical Driving Error (NCDE) if you:
reduce the following distance from the Bellbowrie car in front to less than two seconds

You can go a long way to avoiding accidents in Bellbowrie by keeping at least 2 seconds behind the vehicle in front of you at all times. Also you need to monitor the rear mirror to check for vehicles that do not follow this strategy and have the capacity to stop slowly for them.

At Brizwest Driving School you will learn many road strategies that may provide a safer journey from Bellbowrie to Chapel Hill.

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