The Driving test - Am I ready for Sherwood and Toowong ?

For most Learners to pass the Driving Test you will need to have driven 100hrs with some real purpose.

Have you spent considerable time learning all the skills on the "Basic Skills" page on this site ?

Can you safely do right hand turns from a side street onto a busy main road?

Can you safely do right hand turns at a variety of different intersections with Traffic Lights ?

Can you demonstrate correct road position in different streets and corners ?

Can you merge safely in a variety of situations ?

If you can confidently say "YES" to all above then you should get a "Quality Instructor" to evaluate your skills and give you some feedback before you head off to your Driving Test.  This may increase your chances of being successful.

Preparation for the Driving Test
Toowong | Sherwood

Often we get a call from parents and the theme goes like this:

"Alex is really good with his/her driving but needs some help with Reverse Parking and manoeuvres"

I am sure Supervisors are saying what they feel is true, but more often than not it is very far from the truth. In reality Learners fail a driving test NOT from manoeuvres, but from many other factors.  Most Learners take their journey through 100hours of driving doing simple driving tasks such as driving a straight road to school. Once you repeat this task a few times it will not value add to your driving, but only provides padding for a logbook. 

Understandably both parents and Learners can get very anxious about driving on busy roads doing complex tasks. However as a parent or Supervisor,  it may be better work through those difficult complex tasks during the logbook hours and know your Learner is well prepared for new challenges. Otherwise they may have to do it alone after they graduate to P's.  Statistics show that many accidents involve P platers that are not well prepared.

Often when Learners get to about 90hours we get the above call requesting some help with Driving Test preparation for Sherwood or Toowong. It is better late than never, so at this point we try to patch up the errors and build a safety barrier into the Driving skills.  We can go along way in just a few lessons to get those manoeuvres working and more importantly correct some of those skills. We would prefer to get this rolling at the early logbook hours, so that the learner can build this into the 100 hours of driving and become a solid safe road user.