The Driving School in Sherwood

Keeping Left made simple in Sherwood and Toowong

left side Many Learner Drivers fail their Driving Test at Sherwood and Toowong because they don't keep to the Left side of the road. It is really easy to drive on the left side of the road.

"When you drive on a two-way road, the basic rule is keep as close as practical to the left."

In the diagram, if the driver in the red car crosses out of the green area into the right side of the road or the white area in the diagram they MAY fail their Driving Test.

If the driver of the red car stays within the green area but drives close to the right side or near the white area they MAY have a minor error recorded in the Driving Test.

Where there is a hazard on the left side of the road (eg a parked car) you may cross into the right side of the road ONLY when it is not in use by on-coming traffic. Likewise if you are turning right at an intersection you may be required to giveway to oncoming traffic before you move to cross the right side of the road.

If you drive UN-necessarily on the wrong side of the road you MAY fail your Driving Test.

Keep it simple and drive on the left side of the road in Sherwood and Toowong.

NOTE: If you want the official version of how to Keep Left you should consult the Queensland Road Rules OR
"Your Keys to Driving in Queensland" booklet.

Backstreet Driving in Sherwood and Toowong

It is very likely you will drive in the backstreets during your driving test. You may well drive into several very narrow streets. Don't think because the street is narrow it is ok to drive on the wrong side of the road. You are never expected to drive in the gutter unless there is an unexpected hazard. Even in narrow streets there is usually plenty of room to stay on your side of the road. So many people have failed a driving test by taking liberties in these narrow streets. When you drive with a Quality Driver Trainer they will take you through the many scenarios that you may have to face and explain what is expected of you.