Basic Driving Skills form part of the Complete Driver

Getting Started (backstreet driving)

Intro to Instruments, Displays and Controls
Cabin Drill
Starting and Stopping Engine
Steering Methods
Clutch and gears
Take Off and Stop
Turning Corners
Blindspots - video
Hill Starts

Moving into Traffic (Light Arterial )

Lane Changing
Traffic Lights
Stop and Giveway
Decision Making
Emergency Stops
Freeway Driving


Parallel Park - simple - video
TurnAround - 3 point turn
U - Turn

Adverse Conditions

Night Driving
Bad Weather
Breakdown Procedure

How it Works

The lesson elements outlined here are components of your everyday driving that will eventually become part of your automatic reactions as a Learner driver. Not particularly in this order , you should learn all these skills and more as part of your preparation for a Driving Test. During a driving lesson, one or more of these components of your driving will be the focal point on your path to becoming competent with each element. It is so important to spend time and get these skills right in the first few hours of your driving otherwise it becomes so much harder to fix later in your driving.

Optimised Logbook Plan

Most learner drivers are issued with a logbook and are eligible to claim three logbook hours for the first 10 hours driven with a Driver Trainer. Effectively this means that a learner can get an hour in their logbook for a cost of about $18 per logbook hour. At this price you get expert training and dont have to get the family car out of the garage. For less than the cost of a years car registration you can get expert training and 30 hours into a Learners logbook.

Most of the lessons below are 90 minutes and are important  to get a Learner Driver to a good level of competence. You don't have to do any or all of these lessons, but the more you choose the better chance of developing good skills and passing a Driving Test.

Backstreet Driving
Light Arterial
Complex traffic Situations
----Practice with Supervisor----
50 hour checkup - 60min only
----Practice with Supervisor----
Mock Test

When you are learning a skill for life and for your safety on the roads - perhaps this training is good value.