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At Brizwest Driving School we like to set up learning situations so that advanced learners can develop and apply good judgement to driving situations. There are many roundabouts on our busy roads near Sherwood Corinda and Graceville. In the lead up to a Driving test our Sherwood Instructor will assist you to evaluate traffic and apply good judgement at busy roundabouts. Also Graceville and Chelmer provide quiet streets that are ideal to practice manoeuvres for the Driving Test. Learners even take time out, when we stop, to notice the beautiful trees in Chelmer and Graceville, which adds a pleasant touch to their lesson.

Sherwood Driving Tests can take you to Chelmer Graceville and Corinda

Sherwood Driving Tests can take you to Chelmer Graceville and Corinda The Sherwood Driving Examiners will want you to demonstrate the skills shown in the videos below. You will need to demonstrate safe driving in a variety of situations..
SPEEDING  speed6 Speeding around Sherwood often occurs in School zones during a Driving Test.
STOPPING  stop6 Corinda and Sherwood have so many STOP signs. Beware!
KEEP LEFT  k left6 Often Learners don't understand keeping left in the Graceville area
These videos are samples of the many aspects of Driving that the learner will need to be able to demonstrate on their journey to passing a Practical Driving Test in the Sherwood area. More importantly these Driving School exercises will take the Learner on the road to becoming a safe driver for life. Explore the website for more details and book your lesson

Our Graceville Learners need to fully understand Shoulder Checks

If you live in Graceville and do your Practcal Driving Test at Sherwood, you will need to be very good with shoulder checking. There are many merges and "Form one Lane" signs along Oxley Rd and if you don't respond appropriately at these locations, it can have consequences for your Test. Shoulder checks are one important observation skill that are very important as part of becoming a safe driver in Graceville.

Corinda Learners need to be good with right hand turns at Traffic Lights

There are many sets of Traffic lights along Oxley Rd near Corinda and learners will find that traffic sequencing can be very different at each of these. It is important to practice right hand turns at many of these intersections to gain experience and understanding. If you apply bad judgement on a right hand turn, it can have critical consequences for your Practical Driving Test at Sherwood.

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