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In Bellbowrie and Moggill we have quiet backstreets which suit learners getting started. Bellbowrie Learner's can work away at developing skills without feeling under pressure from other drivers. Getting the core skills right at the start lays the foundation for a lifetime of good driving.  Between Kangaroo Gully Rd and Moggill Rd in the earlier developed streets of  Bellbowrie are many streets that are really great to practice some of those early learning drills. A very basic skill is simply being able to move the car close to the kerb and end up about 30 cm from the gutter and have the car straight. So often Learners get to 100hours and they cant pull over to the kerb effectively. Driving the car to school will get you started on your logbook hours but will not build basic driving skills. If you want to build these basic skills to a good standard, you can do that in Bellbowrie.

Our Moggill Driving School video
shows why Shoulder Checks are important for your safety.

Shoulder checks can help avoid costly accidents and lost time without a vehicle. We have activities for learners to do so that they really understand the purpose of shoulder checks and how important they really are as part of being a safe driver. Just imagine what would have happened if one of those cars was instead a motorbike. It could have then been an extremely serious situation. Our Moggill Driving School works with learners from Bellbowrie and Moggill during lessons to build the shoulder checks into their driving and provides the detailed understanding of how and where this is so important. Learner Drivers leaving or returning to the Moggill or Bellbowrie area will need to do several shoulder checks at merges along Moggill road as part of safe driving and also to be prepared for a Practical Driving Test.

Our Moggill Driving School teaches basic steering in Moggill and Bellbowrie

Today you are expected to steer the car well and approach corners in the correct position and exit corners in the correct position. If you don't know the standard expected of you then how can you achieve it.  Learners need to get started in Bellbowrie and Moggill where we have a variety of great and different corners to practice good steering technique and positioning on those corners. It is important to form these good steering techniques and understanding in those first few hours so they become your steering habit.  Very roughly, about 20hrs of your of your learning to drive should be focused on a large range of very basic skills, such as steering. For example on steering alone, you may spend two or 3 hours deliberately perfecting steering. Moggill is fortunate to have several roundabouts that Learner Drivers can practice steering around in a quiet situation. When you can steer these roundabouts very well then you will be better prepared for the trip to the busy Kenmore roundabout.  Drivng to Kenmore and beyond is not the solution to developing good steering or the many other foundation skills you will need to drive.

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