The Driving School for Chapel Hill & Kenmore

Our Driving School in Kenmore and Chapel Hill, provides a relaxed learning environment for Learner Drivers. Our instructors use a step by step approach to learning to drive so the Learner can manage their workload. The learner takes ownership as they become competent with each element of driving. When the basic skills have developed the learner can begin to drive the busy roads around Kenmore and Chapel Hill and progress to driving through traffic lights.
Chapel Hill | Turning Right at Traffic Lights
Moggill Rd at Chapel Hill can get very busy with right hand turns at traffic lights and un-controlled intersections both in the early morning and late afternoon.
rh turnRight Hand turns at traffic lights often feature in a Practical Driving Test. For those that are trained well, these turns can be quite safe to complete. For those not trained well there can be lots of potential dangers and this is one of the reasons that these turns can feature prominently in a Practical Driving Test. Typically along Moggill Rd on both sides at Chapel Hill there are frequently 10-20 cars queued up waiting to make right hand turns.
Our Driving School Instructor will take learners through all aspects of making these turns safely so they can take that knowledge to their Practical Driving Test and continue beyond that making safe turns in Chapel Hill.
We have an example of a Driver in the picture who is next to make a turn where the traffic is extremely busy. Do you think this Driver is making the turn as he should. Read the section below from Queensland Transport website to see what is expected for such a turn and you decide if this example is correct.
"If the light is green and there are vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, you can move forward into the intersection past the stop line if you can do so safely.If there is a safe gap in oncoming traffic, you may complete the right turn. If you’re in the intersection and the oncoming traffic continues until the lights turn yellow or red, you must complete the turn on the yellow or red light."

Chapel Hill is a haven for Learner Drivers just getting started.


Often we like to take early learners out of Kenmore to the base of Mt-Coot-tha forest because it is a really great place to learn to drive. The streets wind around gently and come to corners that make it ideal for a learner wanting to steer some winding streets with lots or normal corners. Also it is a hilly area and is good to get started with using the brake pedal to go down hills. The most traffic we find is the city Buzz going past every few minutes. For those that are learning to drive a Manual car, we have some really good slopes in Chapel Hill which help to get the confidence up with Hill Starts.

Kenmore Learners often face busy roads

Early mornings and afternoons see the major roads in and out of Kenmore with lots of traffic. This can be useful for a well developed Learner Driver, but can also be daunting for a novice Learner. When we can we try to shield Learners from having to deal with heavy traffic situations in Kenmore. It is essential once the Learner has good foundation skills of driving that they experience and learn the skills of blending with heavy traffic before they complete their 100 hours. The Learner Driver needs to be comfortable in heavy traffic before they progress to the P License. Sometimes the alternate route via Fig Tree Pocket offers a way to reduce the time in traffic and is a chance to drive a different road.

Kenmore | Chapel Hill | Roundabouts and Traffic Lights

kenmore roundabout Early Learner Drivers can be very fearful of the Kenmore roundabout on the first few times they pass through. Like many driving activities, it does not take long to learn when to go and not to go. Those living in Brookfield will need to master this roundabout early in their driving so they can drive into the world beyond Kenmore and Chapel Hill. This Roundabout can help develop good decision making skills which will then transfer to major roundabouts that you may encounter later or in a Driving Test.

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