Stopping at a STOP sign in Corinda

At Brizwest Driving School we take a few minutes in a Driving Lesson to talk about STOP signs and stopping. It seems such a simple thing to do yet so many learners fail to STOP at Stop signs in suburbs like Corinda. There are so many STOP signs in Corinda and adjacent suburbs that a learner almost certain to meet a few in a Practical Driving Test.

One of the drills that we do with Learner Drivers is practice Stopping with focus on doing just that. Most Learners don't take very long to catch on to the routine.


Stop signs

A stop sign is placed where extra care is needed.

You must come to a complete stop if you are facing a stop sign. You must then follow the give way rules that apply to the intersection or place where you are stopped.

A complete stop does NOT mean just slow down and roll into the intersection. It means that for a short moment in time you need to STOP the car moving totally and the best way to do that is to focus on stopping the car. When that is completed you can GIVE WAY if there are people or vehicles to give way to.