Blind Spots in Kenmore  Bellbowrie & Moggill

Around Kenmore and Bellbowrie areas we often show Learner Drivers how to change lanes safely and check blind spots. It is really important to check your blind spots to minimise the risk of being involved in an accident. The focus of this page is on your blind spots on the left and right sides of the car. We want you to understand what you dont see with your mirrors and how checking blind spots is an important observation skill.

NOTE: If you want to be a safe driver and pass your Practical Driving Test, you will need to be very good with shoulder checks when merging, changing lanes and leaving the kerb.

PLAY the video below to see why Blind Spots are important.

Shoulder Checks
Kenmore & Bellbowrie

The blind spots are always there. Where you are changing direction or potentially interacting with other vehicles or pedestrians you need to check these blind spots to avoid possible collisions. Regardless of who should give way you will need to avoid collisions. Sometimes other persons or vehicles are not attending to their responsibilities and so you need to protect them and yourself. Shoulder checks are one of the ways to do this in Kenmore Bellbowrie or any place you drive in Brisbane.