Driving School in Kenmore focuses on Steering

Practical Safe Steering in Kenmore and Bellbowrie

At Brizwest Driving School we encourage Learner Drivers to steer the car using the Pull-Push method. The video below demonstrates the style of steering that we like to teach our Learner Drivers in Bellbowrie. With good professional help most learners can quickly achieve a high standard of steering technique in the backstreets of Bellbowrie.

Steering is an essential part of Safe Driving

At Brizwest Driving School we want to see you with the best and safest steering method for your life long journey so we will encourage you to watch the video and learn to use the Push-Pull steering method as a Kenmore Learner Driver. By simply taking a one hour  lesson with our Driving School we can take you through some focus exercises that will get you up and running very quickly using this steering method. Key organizations recommend this method of steering for road users and this method is what we prefer to teach our Learner Drivers.

ACT Road Rules - Steering - "turning movements should be made smoothly using the push-pull method"

RACQ - Vehicle Control Skills | Steering -" encourages the use of the Pull-Push steering method"

Steering in Kenmore

The Push-Pull method is considered the best and the safest method of driving the car on public roads around Kenmore and Bellbowrie. It is not the easiest method to learn and be proficient with but is widely accepted in Australia as the safest and best way to steer the car.
Hand over Hand method is an alternative that is NOT allowed in some places in Australia as the primary method of steering. It is viewed by some to be only a satisfactory method of steering. It is simple to learn and teach, but possibly not as safe and effective. Hand over Hand is good to use in Kenmore car parks below 10k per hour, when manoeuvring the car in and out of parking spaces.