No Speeding in Indooroopilly and Sherwood in Driving School car

At Brizwest Driving School we find that many Learner Drivers have no idea what speed they should be doing in any particular street. When they have no idea of the speed allowed in a particular location, they are not able to know if they may be speeding. Watch the video and you will get a few clues to work on this issue.

In a familiar area Learner Drivers are usually aware of the assigned speeds for that location. However a Learner is very likely to be in unfamiliar territory during a Practical Driving Test, as there are no set routes and the Driving Examiners rotate across the Test Centres. A driving examiner for Sherwood could well be somewhere like Rosalie next week. However when you get your license it is very likely you will drive in unfamiliar locations and so do need to be able to manage your speed in those places.


Controlling your Speed

Basically there are really two aspects to being at the correct speed in any street or road. Firstly you need to know  the speed limit assigned to the street you are driving in and secondly be able to apply that knowledge to the vehicle you are driving. As simple as it may seem to do, there are so many people that have licenses that are not effective at controlling their speed in the Indooroopilly and Sherwood areas. We have a basic drill that we do with Learners to get them on track with this task and for most they do not end up speeding when they do their Driving Test or when they get their license. Once upon a time School Zones were a problem, because you also had to remember the time of the day, but now most School zones have flashing speed signs that are only active at the correct times.