The Perfect Parallel Park | Jamboree Heights | Riverhills

At Brizwest Driving School we have many requests for assistance with Parallel Reverse Parking.

We offer our learner drivers a 12 step plan for the Perfect Parallel Park. The steps make it really easy to repeat the process using this structured method.

A successful outcome with the Reverse Park requires a little practice and some skill from the learner driver.

NOTE: At BrizWest Driving School most learners find the Reverse Park Plan easy to follow and very quickly convert the plan to a Reverse Parking habit. It is extremely rare for one of our students to fail a Driving Test as a result of a Reverse Parking issue.

Watch the video and see how easy it really is.

You may be asked to do a Reverse Parallel Park in your Practical Driving Test

Reverse Parking in Jamboree Heights and Riverhills

Around Riverhills and Jamboree Heights areas we often show Learner Drivers how to Reverse Park. Many Learner Drivers reach the end of their logbook hours and have never experienced Reverse Parking. At Brizwest Driving School, we teach a 12 step method to Reverse Parking. The simple steps make it easy for the Learner Driver to follow and each step is a milestone on the way to their Perfect Park. If any step needs some more work,  it is easy to identify.