When Driving on most roads you should keep as far left as is practical. This is a safe thing to do and if you don't there will be penalties in your Practical Driving test. In some cases a Learner Driver can fail. Being on the incorrect side of the road may lead to a collision. This video shows just one scenario where not keeping left is an issue, but there are many situations to consider and you should learn to do it right at the start of your driving


Keeping to the left on corners and streets is often highlighted to a Learner Driver during our steering lessons. If we meet Learners for the first time just before the Driving Test, it is much harder to deal with poor road position and poor steering technique.

Keeping Left in Rosalie

Rosalie is one of the older suburbs in Brisbane and has a lot of narrow and very interesting streets to drive. It is very easy to drive on the wrong side of the road in Rosalie and this often leads to a bad outcome for a Learner Driver doing a Practical Driving Test in this suburb.

"When you drive on a two-way road, the basic rule is keep as close as practical to the left"

There will be parked cars, roadworks and other hazards from time to time. When this happens it is okay to cross to the other side of the road only when you can see it is clear and safe to do so.