Controlling the Clutch | Driving School Brookfield |

A manual car is very easy to drive once you understand and master the use of the clutch. In order for Learners to understand the clutch we do several very simple drills with them along the way while getting started. The video shows just one of those drills in the sequence. This is not the very first drill we would do, but it does demonstrate some skills that would become very useful in congested slow moving traffic.

When approaching blind intersections or giveway situations on hills we need to learn how to use the clutch well in each of these situations and again we would do some drills to focus on doing good clutch work in these situations. Learning to do hillstarts in Brookfield often bothers learners, but once shown the easy way to do them, they often wonder what all the fuss was about.


Enjoy your clutch and gears
when driving in Brookfield

Gear changing can be fun and an art if you do it well.  You want each gear change to be smooth, free from jerky movements of the car and all this is possible if you do it well.  At Brizwest Driving School we break it down into blocks of learning so it becomes easy to understand. We separate the operation of the clutch away from the accelerator to avoid any confusion. In reality the use of the clutch and the accelerator are seperate functions with some limited connection. An old saying is "one up and one down" meaning you need to fully release the accelerator as you push the clutch down and once you get the clutch back up you push the accelerator. Some people dont have the correct clutch action and so they start revving the engine before the clutch is engaged. Our modular approach to learning and drills for each actvity make the clutch easy to master in your driving lessons at our school in Brookfield.