Driving School shows how to Read Roundabouts
| Oxley | Toowong |

Brizwest is a Driving School for Oxley and Toowong  that teaches learners how to read roundabouts in preparation for their Driving Test.  We find that learners need to be encouraged to observe road signs as they drive.


The developing learner driver needs to look for signs like this one in order to understand the rules that apply for this roundabout. This is NOT a textbook roundabout and the sign explains what arrows will be painted on the road long before you reach them. In busy traffic the arrows on the road may be concealed by cars.

Can you draw the arrows that would appear on the road for each lane ?

At Brizwest Driving School we will assist the learner to interpret signs like this one and get into the correct lane early so that the journey can continue safely at Oxley or Toowong.

A Brizwest Driving School Instructor can assist and highlight the things to look for when approaching a roundabout. Our Instructor will take you to different roundabouts with different traffic situations. Although the basic idea of roundabouts is pretty simple, almost every roundabout has some features that are different and so some diverse experience can be very useful in order to understand the next new roundabout you will find.

When is it safe to go at a Roundabout

Even for some experienced drivers, making a good decision at a busy roundabout can have some challenges attached. So for a learner driver entering and exiting a busy roundabout for the first few times, it can be a scarey experience, but with some practice the Learner can get very good at dealing with busy roundabouts.

In a Practical Driving Test an Examiner my likely take you to some busy roundabouts to see that you can enter and exit safely and obey all the rules while you do that. The test aims to verify that you can deal with hazards in a safe manner and not harm anybody else or yourself while you are doing that. There are many other hazards apart from roundabouts that you can be tested on.